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At SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) all products are custom made, brand new, undamaged, and have never been used, finished with premium quality of foam and material. SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) retains ownership of any products ordered until full payment has been received for such products. SRI (Studio Red Interiors) works closely with effort to make 100% certain that all product colours, dimensions, and photos are exact; however, there are at times minor discrepancies based on screen resolution, and other possible factors.

Each piece of furniture at SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) is individually constructed by our team of skilled woodworkers and craftsmen. Lead times may vary outside of this range due to certain factors such as the number of pieces ordered, type of furniture ordered, holidays, production delays, weather or any other unforeseen factors which are beyond SRI (Studio Red Interiors) control. Custom orders typically require a minimum of 8-10 weeks from the date we received 50% advance, but the time may vary from design to design.

Whereas carved furniture will take up to 4 months to deliver depending of the design of the particular product, we will keep the client updated on progress along the way. SRI will guide along the way which colours to choose from. Although we will definitely recommend which cloth to go for. If a delay occurs, don’t panic.

If SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) team is deputed to work outside Lahore city extra charges are to be paid by the client, which will be dependent on the nature and duration of work. In such scenario, the client is to provide proper working environment for proper execution of work.

SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) and its employees are our greatest assets and the clients are encouraged to treat them with due respect, if any problem arises the client should immediately reach out to SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) instead of taking the matter at hand. At any point, it has been observed that any member of SRI (Studio Red Interiors) or its name has been ill-treated, abused, threatened, blackmailed by the client or by any of their counterpart SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) will have full right to extract the team and void the contract, and no refund will given back to the client of the remaining work and may also charge the client with reputation damage.


The company STUDIO RED INTERIORS (hereafter designated as ”the “Vendor”) sells products covered by the “STUDIO RED INTERIORS” trademark.
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are applicable to all sales of STUDIO RED INTERIORS products starting in STUDIO RED INTERIORS website, including with telephone, email or any other relevant communication assistance provided by STUDIO RED INTERIORS personal;

The use of the sales described herein is reserved solely for customers. The term “Costumer” is to be understood as any company or an individual who enters into a legal transaction of rendering (i) INTERIOR DESIGN (ii) ARCHITECTURE (iii) FURNITURE MANUFACTURING.
STUDIO RED INTERIORS reserves the right of deciding the nature of a legal transaction between STUDIO RED INTERIORS and what is considered an “end costumer” (an individual consumer);

STUDIO RED INTERIORS may modify these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. Therefore, the Customer is asked to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale in force at the time of purchase, a copy of which will be sent to the Customer at the e-mail address provided by the Customer;

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are published on the Site for the Customer's knowledge, store and reproduction;
It is understood that by placing an order on the website, the Customer fully and unreservedly acknowledges and accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Sale & Services, which form an integral and substantial part of these recitals.


Product prices does not include all taxes and duties and related shipping costs;

The price of each product is displayed in an official and public price-list, which must be consulted prior to the order. All prices are retail prices
STUDIO RED INTERIORS reserves the right of applying delivery costs in all relevant cases; STUDIO RED INTERIORS reserves the right to change specifications and prices on products offered in or stated otherwise.


For all furniture a 50% advance payment deposit is required in order to settle the order. A 50% final balance is required once the order is completed; The customer must make payment via method of payment indicated on the order form which is a bank transfer.

Our banking details are as follows:-

• Bank: UBL
• Account Title: Studio Red Interiors
• Account Number: 0940 231 531 452
• IBAN Number: PK59 UNIL 0109 0002 3153 1452
• Swift Number: UNILPKKA
• Branch: Z Block, DHA, Cantt, Lahore, Pakistan.

We encourage all payments to be made either in form of cheque or any other banking instrument.* All acknowledgments of payments will be furnished to the client.


All deliveries done within Lahore, will be arranged by SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS).
Any or all deliveries which are to be done outside Lahore, SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) will help arrange logistics for the client, but will not responsible for loading or offloading the furniture or fixtures, nor will be held responsible for any damages along the way. Also the logistic cost will be added to the final bill of the client.


We work really hard to complete your order as soon as humanly possible. Studio Red Interiors (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) takes great care to ensure that every piece of furniture that we sell meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Please keep in mind that we work with individually hand crafted, made to order items that go through multiple steps and fabrication steps and give our 100% to achieve the approved design, however at times a slight variation may occur as after all it’s a handmade product.
We will make all efforts to quote accurate lead times and notify all our customers promptly. Since the furniture is made upon client’s individual takes and custom measurements all ordered furniture stands as non-refundable, non-exchangeable under any circumstances & the client will be entitled to pay at least 80% of the outstanding amount and the furniture and fixtures will remain under the ownership of SRI (Studio Red Interiors). On completion of furniture, clients are requested to visit SRI's (Studio Red Interiors) workshop prior to delivery of the furniture and fixtures.


If there are any discrepancies the client is entitled to point out any anomalies which differ from the approved design. SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) will make prompt efforts to rectify any highlighted errors if it's in accordance to the contract and design approved at time of signing of the contract and will require further time from the client. SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) will inform the same via email or courier to the client (whatever is mentioned on the contract).


All items stand non refundable, exchangeable & returnable.

Since all the designs are made in accordance to every client’s taste hence once the client approves of furniture and fixtures (which are in accordance to the contract) the client needs to pay total outstanding before the delivery is made to the assigned address. Once the delivery has been made to the address (as mentioned on the contract) SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) will not be held accountable for any damages occurred after the delivery had been successfully made.

If at any point the client doesn’t wish to have the specific article, articles, the client has to pay 80% of the invoice amount pertaining to the article, articles.


If SRI (Studio Red Interiors) doesn’t receive payment of bill from the client after the work has been completed within 30 days of the final invoice date, the client will be charged late payment fees.

The late payment fee will be applicable on the following:

(i) Upon any completion of work as mentioned in the contracted duly signed by the client and SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS).
(ii) The client unable to collect ordered furniture / fixtures on the designated time as mentioned on the contract. 12% monthly (42.58% per annum) of the
remaining outstanding amount, this includes handling charges as well, will be applied to the final bill.

A late payment charge may be applied to any unpaid balance after 10 days of final invoice date. Studio Red Interiors will send you a late payment charges along with your bill after 10 days of late payment. If the client thinks there is a billing error, the client can contact us and we will be happy to review your bill within the 7 days of final invoice date. If by any chance the client fails to pay any or all of the outstanding amount SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) is entitled to pursue legal action after 30 days of lapse of payment.

If at any point, it is observed that the client is manipulating, finding undue excuses and deliberately trying to exploit the matter of payment, SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) will engage them in series of discussions in accordance to the contract and try to solve the matter at hand, if unable to do so SRI (STUDIO RED INTERIORS) may peruse legal help.

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