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Our portfolio of work is as diverse as it is innovative, positioning us as a prominent emerging name in the world of interior designing. We have a rich culture of provoking and sharing new ideas and dedicate ourselves to exceeding client expectations in project delivery. We are committed to delivering projects that have economic, social and environmental sustainable outcomes entrenched into the built form.


We are professionally trained to create a functional and quality interior environment. Qualified through education, experience and examination, a professional designer can identify, research and creatively resolve issues and lead to a healthy, safe and comfortable physical environment. We fashion the "look" of your space and its outward decoration—paint, fabric, furnishings, light fixtures and other materials. In addition to enhancing the total visual environment, an interior designer creates a space that is functional, for a happy living.


In this step, we visit your home to gather more detailed information. We take measurements of your space noting electrical outlets, registers, bulkheads, hearths, mantles, door swings. We walk a grid of your space while taking photos from every angle.

Plan View

In this step, the we create a scaled plan-view of your space – a drawing of your room as if looking down from above. We focus first on the practical considerations like size, proportion, and function. We determine the optimal objects for and layout of the room.

Design Presentation

In this step we develop a cohesive palette of colours, materials, textures, build and finish details. We choose paint and stain colours, fabrics, rugs, and lamps. We source or custom design furniture that suits both the context of your space and the look.

Final Presentation

The Final Presentation is your plan – the result of the effort and hard work that began when you first told us about the room or home that you'd been dreaming about. This is your definitive guide to realising that dream.

Delivery & Setup

This is our final step, and certainly the most exciting! While you were waiting for the big day, we were planning, ordering and confirming, measuring, sewing, building, and finishing the various pieces designed just for you.

Over the past years we have been guiding customers to create beautiful spaces that are a pleasure to live in – rooms, homes that have exceeded their expectations and become even better with time. We’ve encouraged customers to bring photographs and measurements of their space. We’ve asked about their needs, so that we can help find the perfect solution. We’ve helped our customers find the best value, and best design solution for their unique needs.

We’ve helped young couples build a room piece by piece over years. We’ve worked with architects to plan an entire home – from placing the walls to fully furnished. We’ve designed tiny kitchens and grand dining rooms, contemporary and modern homes We’ve helped prepare for growing families.  We’ve worked within every budget and timeline, and every time, our customers are thrilled.


We professional contributes at every phase of your project to ensure that the final result exceeds your expectations and ensures the health, safety and welfare of all who may use or occupy the space. We assist with members of the project team, such as the architect, general contractor, decorator and consultants for lighting, commercial kitchens, acoustics, art selection, etc.

Defining the Scope

Planning and Design: feasibility studies, space planning, tenant development, budget analysis, design concepts, finish specifications, furniture specifications, art and accessory programs.


Combined insight of programming with design expertise to begin a dialogue regarding design solutions. We  typically convey this through: drawings: proposed space plans, detail drawings, elevations, 3D sketches, animated walk through budgets material samples product cut sheets product mock-ups.

Design Development

Design Development refines the concepts approved in the schematic phase. Finalising specifications of architectural plan and details, lighting, materials, furnishings, equipment and budgets.


Finally the approved designs are tagged with a mutually agreed timeline and shared with the client before the work is commenced.

Our design are approached from different perspectives . When you hire us as your  interior designer, you get the benefit of an experienced professional who can solve problems, help you avoid costly mistakes and, most importantly, create a space designed specifically to meet your needs.

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